EXTNGO, No More Cable Mess

EXTNGO, No More Cable Mess


We have been in the IT industry for over 25 years, and still face this same old problem “Cable Mess”. Every time we finish a temporary network setup for a seminar, temporary meeting room or a student lab, we end up with cables like the ones in the picture below.

So what’s wrong with this picture?

The most important issue is that you will play the puzzle game with the wires trying to choose the best wire length for the next gig.
Second issue, as you are pulling your desired cable, there is a very high probability that the RJ45 connector will get tangled with another connector and you will lose the little clip which means you lost the cable.
Third issue, these cables are all round, they cannot pass under the carpet smoothly.
Out of frustration and our enormous love for the IT industry we came up with a simple and effective solution that addresses all the above issues, and provides more flexibility to the life of an IT professional or a regular Joe who simply needs a computer cable that can do more than just connecting A to B.
EXTNGO is color coded UTP extender, there is no guess work. Orange is 15 meter (50 feet), and Green is 10 meter (33 feet). Whether you need 5 meter, 10 or even 15, one orange EXTNGO can do the job. What if your new desk is about 20 meter from the connection point, or the presenter in the middle of his presentation decided to move his computer few meters further beyond the 15 meters? Solution is so easy with EXTNGO. Just connect another EXTNGO to reap the benefit of male – female cable, it is extendable. Out of a sudden now you have up to 30 meters (100 feet) cable. Isn’t that AMAZING?
EXTNGO UTP extender is always ready to deploy, by design it is retractable, very easy to store, the colors are so appealing that you could easily place it on any counter top and you will not feel it to be odd. In this picture I have a total of 50 Meters (about 164 feet) worth of cable. Can you imagine what a bulk of cable it would be 50 meter worth of slack wire!

What EXTNGO has over WiFi?

WiFi is one of the best inventions and I was personally one of the first adopters of this technology back in 2000. But when you are in an environment where information security is a high concern, and data transfer speed is essential to your business continuity then there is nothing better that our old copper UTP friend.
EXTNGO UTP extender is a CAT6 cable which have been tested and proven it can transfer over 1 Giga bit per second from point A to point B.
So if data security, data transfer speed or data accuracy is one of your concerns and same time you need flexibility to setup your workstation with in 30 meter (100 feet) from the network socket then EXTNGO is for you. People working at servers rooms could relate to that :)
This image shows a hospital mobile workstation, the orange cable is the UTP cable, notice how short it is. Using EXTNGO the user will have much further flexibility in distance and will not be govern by the short length of the cable 


EXTNGO UTP extender is designed by an IT professional to address some very old problems, ability to retract the network cable in a very professional way, increase the cable longevity, provide very low foot print for a very long cable, reduce the hazardous factor of round cable by utilizing flat cable, and finally provide a flexible yet secure data transmission.