Retractable Network Cable Extender, 33 Feet (10 Meter) CAT 6 Ethernet Cable Flat - Portable 1 Gbps Data Speed - Swiftly Setup Temp Networks - Cascadable Male-Female RJ45 Connector - UTP Cable Reel



EXTNGO is a FLAT CAT6 Computer Network Cable That Is Capable To Transfer Data At 1Gbps Speed.

EXTNGO has been designed and built by IT professionals to overcome many day to day problems facing technicians in the field that deal with temporary network setup. The concept is to have a very long cable that you could use it to connect your devices at moderate long distance like around 30 Feet (10 Meter), yet, you could pass the cable underneath the carpet without generating any bulges, same time to be able to use only the length you need and keep the extra away from the seen. Be small and light weight to carry around yet easily could extend the cable up to 100 feet (30 Meter) if so required. Ensure high quality CAT6 cable specification and material that could withstand high amount of people passing over the cable without damaging the internal cabling. Based on these specifications, EXTNGO was built and it has addressed each and every single point has been mentioned and even more.

Ideas on how to use EXTNGO other than computer networking

1- Utilizing USB over Ethernet adapters along with EXTNGO, you will be able to create a USB cable that could safely transfer USB serial data up to 100 Feet (30 Meter).

2- Using HDMI over Ethernet Adapters along with EXTNGO, you will be able to extend the HDMI signal up to 100 Feet (30 Meter).

3- Using Audio / Video over Ethernet adapters along with EXTNGO you could easily run Audio / Video signal up to 100 Feet (30 Meter) using only one cable.

4- Using ENET cable with EXTNGO you could remotely diagnose vehicle up to 100 feet (30 Meter) far.

5- In a nutshell, any equipment that got Ethernet data transfer capability could make use of EXTNGO cable.